Review: IDLES – ‘Mr. Motivator’

An inspirational anthem

As fans eagerly await IDLES’ third LP, the Bristol band have given fans a taste of the new sound with the first track, ‘Mr. Motivator’.

It’s been well received by fans, for its motivational lyrics and classic IDLES sound, and has quickly become a staple of alternative workout playlists.  The booming chorus of “let’s seize the day / all hold hands chase the pricks away” echos the classic messages of empowerment and self-love that we can hear throughout the group’s discography, perhaps one which becomes more and more significant in the strange times that we find ourselves in.

In terms of sound, it is strikingly similar to other anthems like ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’ and follows a similar metaphor-driven structure to ‘Colossus’ – sometimes too, similar, but they pull it off with their inspirational lyrics and tongue-in-cheek with (How’d you like them clichés). However, I hope there will be some variation on the upcoming record, I’d love to hear some experiment in their sound.

IDLES’ ‘Mr. Motivator’ is out now via Partisan Records.


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