Review: Fontaines D.C – ‘A Hero’s Death’

Every bit as iconic as their debut sound, and endlessly uplifting

Irish punks Fontaines D.C. are back with the first single off their upcoming album of the same name, ‘A Hero’s Death’. After their critically acclaimed debut, this sophomore album was produced during a year of massive success, and we have a lot to look forward to for it’s July 31 release.

Fontaines D.C. have an unmistakable sound; from their vivid, post-punk guitars, to Grian Chatten’s distinctive vocal style, their are one of the most recognisable bands in alternative music right now. ‘A Hero’s Death’ is a self-aware dig at second-album syndrome – but based on the positive reaction to the single, Fontaines D.C. have nothing to worry about.

This new song is marked by vocal harmonies, a new habit that the band picked up throughout their hectic tour schedule last year. It injects an American style into their music that gives their sound a new dimension. Lyrically, ‘A Hero’s Death’ offers up some valuable life advice to the listener. This is not a quarantine track by any means, but it couldn’t have come at a better time.

It keeps coming back to the repeated mantra of “Life ain’t always empty”, a short but effective insistence that acts as a poignant reminder. These are the lyrics that seep into your life outside of the song, the words that come to you in the dark to repeat to yourself during some of the most unsettled times we’ve ever found ourselves in. It’s hard to create a song that has such a deep effect on the listener so quickly, but Fontaines D.C. have done it with style.

Fontaines D.C.’s ‘A Hero’s Death’ is out now via Partisan Records. The album will be released on July 31.


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