Review: Wither Machine – ‘Hayfever’

A fresh take on singing about the seasons

South coast alternative rock band Wither Machine have today released ‘Hayfever’, their third single of the year, and the title track of their ‘Hayfever’ era.

Climate change has featured heavily in a lot of songs lately, but Wither Machine have a fresh take on it: a selfish desire to slow global warming to delay the arrival of daffodils, a reminder of past relationships. The lyrics are a refreshing concept that complements their energised rock sound, and the final product combines the uplifting power of early Buzzcocks with modern rock elements. Wither Machine describe this track as “Upbeat rock music born from an undercurrent of sadness and a necessity to get away from it”.

After the winter we’ve had, Wither Machine have given us a reason to be excited for Hayfever season.

Check out ‘Hayfever’ here:


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