Green Day Tease New Single ‘Here Comes the Shock’

Just a year after their thirteenth studio album Father of All… it seems like Green Day are getting ready to give us some more music. They will be debuting their new single ‘Here Comes the Shock’ on Sunday at the NHL Outdoor hockey game, and the song will be available to stream on Monday 22.

In an Instagram post coinciding with lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s 49th birthday, they proclaimed that “loud season has returned”, perhaps indicating that ‘Here Comes the Shock’ is not a stand-alone release and could hint at a brand-new album before the end of the year.

Armstrong has previously revealed that he’s been working on new music all throughout quarantine, and it seems that the whole band have been able to get back in studio to bring these songs to life.

The ending to Father of All… or a new era of Green Day? Let’s find out…


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