Review: Sketchshow – ‘Chrysalis’

Delightfully fresh

Southampton’s Sketchshow have released their first single since 2018 EP Patchwork. After spending the years in between releases “honing their craft” and taking inspiration from genres across the musical spectrum, ‘Chrysalis’ is a sonically shapeshifting delight that does exactly what they want it to do: bring eclectic sounds from prog and math rock to the centre stage again, and make these complex sounds accessible for new listeners.

‘Chrysalis’ stands out because of how fresh it sounds. The riffs and vocals are intricate without coming across as overwhelming. The drums, bass and guitar melt together at the beginning of the track before stunning vocals take to the stage; with each listen, you can find new details that you missed the first time. Vocalist Satin Bailey has a beautiful, powerful voice that you could listen to for hours.

The occasional change in energy make ‘Chrysalis’ a really dynamic song. Towards the end where the whole tone of the song shifts, while still offering up the same emotional power as it builds back up to previous heights and ending on a gorgeous guitar solo. We can expect an album from Sketchshow in the near future, and it’s definitely a release that you want to keep an eye on.

Check out ‘Chrysalis’ here:


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