The Network release Trans Am EP, Definitely Aren’t Green Day

Six-piece electronic rock band The Network have released their first EP in 17 years with the provocatively surreal Trans Am, and they definitely aren’t Green Day’s secret side project. The band themselves denied it, and what reason would they have to lie?

The four tracks that make up Trans Am are as visually and sonically unearthly as the enigmatic band members themselves, who claim to have predicted the chaos of this ear on their conveniently named 2003 record Money Money 2020. The new EP seems to be a precursor to a new full-length album, Money Money Part 2: We Told Ya So! Tracks like ‘Flat Earth’ showcase the no-holds-barred conspiracy theorist satire that hold the Network together. Lead single ‘Ivankkka is a Nazi’ is unrelenting in its political anger, and tells us that The Network certainly won’t be holding back on the upcoming album.

And just to clarify, they definitely aren’t Green Day.

Featured Image via Joe Robot Records.

The Network’s Trans Am is available via Joe Robot Records.


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