Music Malady’s Ones to Watch #1

Featured Image by Guillaume TECHER on Unsplash

As our attentions turn towards how we can save the live music scene in a post-lockdown world, it’s time to think about the up-and-coming new artists that make our favourite indie venues come to life. Here are just a few of the bands making waves in alternative music that you should keep an eye on for a day where we can all get back in the pit.


Just in time for Halloween, Creeper’s Will Gould and Matt Reynolds of Howard’s Alias have teamed up to create Salem. The project arose from the idea of playing music to ‘blow off steam’, both musicians going back to their DIY roots to play some pop-punk perfection. They’ve just released their first single, ‘Destroy Me’ which promises a self-titled debut full to the brim with big guitars and energetic lyrics with a gothic core. The duo will play a handful of Halloween shows in London and their hometown Southampton – but tickets sold out almost instantly

‘Destroy Me’ is available via Roadrunner Records UK / Warner Records UK.

Dream Nails

This group of ‘punk witches’ are bringing in a new wave of DIY punk-driven riot grrrl for the modern audience. Having just released their self-titled debut with Alcopop Records, they’ve got big plans in the works for 2021, with some festival slots and a UK tour already on the horizon. Be sure to check out the new record, particularly single ‘Kiss My Fist’ a battle cry against homophobia in the UK.

‘Kiss My Fist’ is available via Alcopop! Records.

The Novus

The Novus have been working hard over lockdown, having released their fantastic single ‘Man on the Bridge’. Right now, they’re at the forefront of the post-lockdown live music scene, with a socially distanced gig lined up for Birmingham with more safe gigs in Blackpool, London and Mexborough. The Novus are a real mix of alternative genres, playing with indie, glam and punk in their ridiculously catchy tunes.

‘Man on the Bridge’ is available via The Novus.

The Kecks

The Kecks’ influences hail from all over the world, with members coming from Australia, Germany, Britain and Austria. Another melting pot of alternative music, their newest single ‘Modern Girls’ speaks to a new generation of rock fans and the problems they face every day. But it’s ‘Stick In My Throat’ that stands out most prominently in their recent singles, with its undeniably catchy sound. The Kecks are another band which embody the DIY spirit, and have been using their voice to stand up for the Hamburg live music scene. Be sure to keep an eye out on the band as they release single ‘All For Me’, which will premier on 23rd October.

‘Stick In My Throat’ is available via The Kecks. ‘All For Me’ will be released 23rd October.


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