Review: The Novus – ‘Man On The Bridge’

‘Man On The Bridge’ will inject new life into your playlists

Birmingham up-and-coming band The Novus are releasing their newest track ‘Man On The Bridge’ on July 3rd, which will be available through all digital platforms.

‘Man On The Bridge’ is powerful rock piece which crafts their genre-spanning influences into an alternative summer track bursting with energy. The pounding drums and vocals create a retro punk sound, revitalised by bright guitars that make the track shine. In another life, this high-energy track would have played incredibly well at festivals over the summer, but ‘Man On The Bridge’ could still be your alternative song of the summer, capturing all the energy of a live show.

Lyrically, this is one of their more upbeat tracks that builds up as the song goes on. It’s obvious that The Novus are really going places, and ‘Man On The Bridge’ is the fresh new track we all need in a time where we mourn live music.

The Novus’ ‘Man On A Bridge’ will be available July 3rd via #JOINTHENOISE / Flying Vinyl.


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