Music to Look Forward To in 2020

The Cure – TBC

One album?  Three albums?  Nothing at all?  It’s hard to say what we’re getting from The Cure in 2020, if anything, since the last decade came and went without any new music.  However, the band have been talking more and more about an upcoming record with the working title Live From The Moon.  While a lot of fans have high hopes for brand new music from one of the biggest bands in the world, the long-term listeners warn that these kinds of promises have been made before.  It’s definitely promising that Robert Smith has been giving more and more interviews and has talked about the recording process.  At the very least we know that new music is being made, and that it’s some of their darkest work yet, whenever it comes.

Hella Mega Tour – Green Day, Fall Out Boy & Weezer

The chance to see three of the biggest names in alternative rock on one tour doesn’t come along every day.  Especially if you live outside of the US.  But this year, rock fans can catch Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer in one go as they embark on their worldwide Hella Mega Tour.  There are a number of special guests joining them on various legs on the tour, so this is a really good opportunity to see a whole host of massive bands all in one place.  Although some of the shows sold out quickly, you should try and get your hands on remaining tickets – this isn’t a gig to miss this year.

Green Day – Father Of All…

Speaking of Green Day, they also have a new album coming out this year, Father of All….  It’s a strange release from Green Day, apparently coming in at just 26 minutes and with a whole new sound that has sparked mixed expectations from fans about the upcoming record.  The title track is definitely more chaotic and less polished than what we usually hear from them, like in their last release in 2016, Revolution Radio.  It’s safe to say that we shouldn’t expect any of their 10-minute epics on this one.  It sounds more like their trilogy albums than it does the political punk that remains a firm favourite in their discography.  In any case, it’s definitely one that people will be looking out for in 2020


2018 was a big year for IDLES with the universal critical acclaim for their breakthrough album Joy as an Act of Resistance.  Since then, the band has been busy touring the US and UK, and appearing at a number of festivals over the summer.  We also had a handful of singles and a live album to see us through the year.  But this year will no doubt see IDLES get bigger and better than ever.  They are due to release another album which is as of yet untitled, and have already announced a set at Coachella 2020.  We haven’t heard much about the upcoming record, but they’ve announced its influences range from pop to country, and that Warren Ellis of The Bad Seeds was on board to produce.

The Distillers – Album TBC

Another TBA but lead singer Brody Dalle has made it clear that we can expect new music from The Distillers sooner rather than later, following their recent reunion and a couple of singles from the hardcore punks.  Although fans have been waiting a while since rumours started about a new album, there are still high hopes out there that 2020 will bring us a new album.  Apart from that, they’ve been touring pretty consistently, so you could still catch some of their older songs live.

The Killers – Imploding the Mirage 

After a massive Glastonbury headliner set, indie rock icons The Killers are ready to give us a brand-new record in 2020.  There are a few more details about this one – it’ll be called Imploding the Mirage and will arrive in the Spring of this year, alongside a UK stadium tour.  They’ve said that synthesisers are ‘resurfacing’ in the new record and that fans can expect some elements of a concept album.  This sounds similar to their monumental debut album Hot Fuss, so hopefully a return to their breakthrough roots is on the cards.

Rage Against the Machine Reunion

Now, it’s hard to say what exactly we’ll get from the Rage Against The Machine reunion that was announced in late 2019, aside from the recent news that they’ll be headlining Coachella this year.  But hopefully this will span into a tour that ventures further afield, and maybe even their first album in 20 years.  All we do know, however, is that with the current unstable political climate all over the world, Rage Against the Machine have impeccable timing.

My Chemical Romance Reunion

Another reunion, this time from My Chemical Romance to really put the ‘RAWRing twenties’ into motion.  The kings of emo have already performed one comeback show in L.A, with fans currently speculating an upcoming UK tour or festival headline.  With hints of new artwork and cryptic symbols though, all signs are pointing to a new album on the horizon, which has been met with celebration from fans who never gave up hope of their triumphant return to the music world.


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